School holidays in the UK may be delayed

The largest teachers’ unions in England and Wales, representing 600,000 school employees threaten to strike this fall. The beginning of the school year may be postponed in protest against government policies in education.

Trade unions NUT and NASUWT, representing the interests of 9 out of 10 British teachers told Education Minister Michael Gove’s readiness to start a large-scale protest against government policies in education. Teachers can not return to work after the summer holidays.

The representative of the trade union movement Blouer Christine said that the government was able to do what for many years failed to achieve union leaders. The authorities have forced the two largest teachers’ union to join together and start preparing for a strike.

Trade unions say that they want to protect every British teachers from arbitrary authority. Pension reform is a major cause of dissatisfaction with the trade unions. Also, trade unionists advocate for better working conditions and wages of teachers.

The unions called for the Ministry of Education to find an acceptable solution to the issue of retirement security of workers of education during the summer holidays. Otherwise, the unions organized a general strike of teachers, which will thwart the beginning of the new academic year in the UK.

The Ministry of Education currently has no plans to make concessions to the unions. Minister Michael Gove said during the meeting that the union leaders do not want to see the economic reality. High inflation and low economic growth is not possible to improve the level of material support of the teachers at the moment.

Officials say they do not want confrontation with the unions. They call on union leaders to think first and foremost the interests of the pupils who are unable to begin classes in the autumn due to the strike of teachers. The Ministry of Education invites parents to explain their own trade unions of young Britons, why their children can not sit at the desk in the allotted time.

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