The Falkland Islands remain British

British Prime Minister David Cameron criticized the leaders of Argentina, which is opposed to holding a referendum on the independence of the Falkland Islands in 2013. This criticism was voiced 30 years after the Falklands War, during which Great Britain took control of the Falkland Islands.

Mr Cameron said that Argentine leaders questioned the ability of the Islanders to determine their own destiny, not supporting a referendum on sovereignty. David Cameron has said that 30 years ago, the islanders have made their choice. The next year they will confirm it, and the United Kingdom and will support any decision of the islanders.

The referendum on the independence of the Falkland Islands is a response to the decision of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner to discuss the status of the islands with the leadership of the UN and the leaders of the Twenty Grand. Mrs. Kirchner, even compared the situation of the inhabitants of the islands to the situation of the population of Syria, Iran and other countries where democracy is absent.

David Cameron will use diplomatic channels to prevent a formal discussion of the status Falkland Islands at the leaders of the Twenties. He called the president’s desire to Argentina’s Kirchner to review the results of the Falklands War, an absurd attempt to enter the international community into error.

The head of the Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands, Gavin Short said that no doubt the desire of the islanders remain independent overseas territory of Great Britain. Short Gavin believes that the Falkland Islanders just do not want the territory ruled the government of Argentina.

Mr. Short said that the referendum, tentatively scheduled for the first half of 2013, will present the world community will of the inhabitants of the islands. The results of the referendum will remove all questions about the status of the territory. Gavin Short noted that the authorities are invited to the islands to a referendum of international observers who will monitor the vote.

Gavin Short, made an extra emphasis on the fact that the referendum is held, not because the people in doubt about their future. “The people of the Falkland Islands around the world wants to confirm his choice” – the official said.

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