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According to English law, real estate can be owned either on the basis of freehold or leasehold. By and large, the entire real estate market can be divided into two categories – the “housing market” and the commercial real estate market. But, despite this, the demand for housing significantly affects the prices of commercial real estate, as it is a kind of indicator of the purchasing power of the population.

British real estate

There are three factors that determine the decision to buy property anywhere in the world. This is the location, location, and again location. Real estate in the UK, no matter what area it is located in, will be the best way to prevent a drop in prices, to protect capital and make better profits.

On March 5, 2009, the Bank of England lowered its base rate to half
a percent, which was the lowest since the Bank was founded in 1694.

UK Home Buying

You can find detailed information about how the legal process of buying an apartment, a house, bought in the UK, takes place.

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