The official representative office of the system of resorts of MULTICLUB is in Russian Federation: LTD “HELP LINE MULTICLUB”

119017, Moscow, Bolshaya Ordunka st. 29/1, of. 502, phone +7(495)2291423,

630132, Novosibirsk, Chelyuskintsev st, 30, tel. +7(383) 221 1857,

Representations of “HELP LINE MULTICLUB” in Kazakhstan:

Кazakhstan, Kizilorda, Zhurba street, b/n , of. 3

Kazakhstan, Aktau, Mangistauskiy reg mikrorayon 26, bilding 16, Bussiness centre «NurBek», office 7

Kazakhstan, Uralsk, Mametovoy street, 101, of. 3

Kazakhstan, Kostanay, Kairbekova 65, office 3

Multiclub is a result of serious analysis of the western market of Timeshare and careful of its “adjustment” to the needs of the Russian market and market of CIS countries. Multiclub took itself all the best, that invented a system of Timeshare and excluded those mechanisms which, being quite successful in the West, is not suitable for the Russian matrix of rest.

It is not a secret that Timeshare had earned not only a positive reputation in Russia, while remaining at the peak demand and relevance in the Western world. We have long realized that the secret of this imbalance is the different approaches of habitants from different countries to the rest: because the formula of rest completely depends from the frequency of rest, its duration and the habits.

1. Periods of rest planning
Frantic rhythm of our life changeability of seasonal proposals so changed the attitude of Russians to the time as compared to Westerns, that to plan rest for a few months, few people come to mind. The optimum period for which the habitant of CIS does select a tour is a month, will agree? If for conventional tourism is nonsense, then for Timeshare it dilutes its most attractive option – exchange of resorts. As you well know, the essence of Timeshare involves a trip to anywhere in the world within the framework of exchange of certificates at any time in the Club rest. However, the large international exchange system are rather clumsy, in favor of short-time exchange of quality is affected by the resort, which you will be offered as an alternative, and mean that exchanging your resort quickly, you always prove in minus.

Check out possibilities of Spacebank (system of resorts exchange) in a prompt exchange, we accepted a policy decision to withdraw from cooperation with such systems and establish a system of direct interaction with the resorts, which allows to shorten time of exchange in 5-6 times. Multiclub is a controling system of resorts, allowing to instantly provide their customers with an adequate alternative of rest within the network of resorts, included in this system.

The network Multiclub today covers about 50 resorts in more than 25 most popular tourist countries around the world and allows you to choose the vacation option on almost any taste. For operative exchange we, as a rule, use the reserve apartments of each of the resorts, which allows us, even in periods of peak load resorts offer to holders of certificates of our most successful versions. Statistics of world club systems shows that even at presence of hundreds of resorts in the catalog and more than 90% of tourists go to 15-20 the most comfortable and economical directions. Therefore, our catalog, though not in competition with catalogs of Spacebank in scope, nevertheless fully meet preferences and tastes of the Russian tourist activists. Before the choice of resort you can free visit all countries of catalogue, it is definite bonus.

A major pluses begin since the purchase of the certificate in the system Multiclub. The first plus is you do not pay an annual membership in RCI. The second plus is exchanging a resting-place, you also do not pay an exchange. In this case there is nothing stopping you, as a client system Multiclub, enter into any of the world exchange systems and simultaneously consider the options exchange on any of these systems.

2. Information Support and Services
The terrible scourge of all owners of Timeshare certificates is information services. Resorts included in the club system, provide an excellent level of service, but, alas, they provide excellent service in apartments within their specialties and on the beach, but outside this territory of their capabilities and interests are closed. And who will help the tourist for the first time traveling to the resort in exchange, deal with bookings? And who will answer questions about visa to an exotic country, which is difficult to find on the map? The agency that sells tours, no resort, no system of exchange are not aggregators of information about the entire infrastructure trips Timeshare and have no resources for the decision of problems of tourists.

Nevertheless exactly absence of competent information support makes the rest of Timeshare to often incongruous expectations of the owner of certificate. For example, exchanging comfortable apartments for less expensive, he could face a very unequal substitution. Such troubles are not feature of Timeshare, and bug of information support system, task of which is carefully accompany the client in making each decision on the Timeshare.

Multiclub is only company on territory of the CIS, which has a single point of contact and service of personal manager, who is ready to solve for the customer all his problems from the reservation of apartments to legal problem, arising in the process of rest. On a personal manager if you want you can shift everything on the organization of rest, including visas, flights, taxi and other trifles. In this sense, Timeshares, initially involving a solid share of participation of the holder of the certificate in organization of rest, turns into a more comfortable vacation for Russian clients of Multiclub, than for western tourists.

3. Management fees
A terrible word “subscription fee” can scare anyone who applies to the rest, not as a mandatory program, as well as a pleasant variety of life. The economy of classical timeshare suggests that after buying a fairly expensive certificate, the owner shall pay an annual so-called management (or administrative) fee. The size of contribution depends on the specific resort and ranges from 300 to several thousand euros per year. Contributions go to support the infrastructure of the resort and on the whole fully justified, if you use this resort every year. But, as we have said, the Russian realities are different from Western, and none of us can guarantee to himself that certainly will choose time on a trip in this year. Moreover, if you change in the present year by the place of trip with another holder of certificate, you continue to pay management fee to your resort. The possibility of increase of rates of management fees is stopped up in the purchase agreement of certificate and in any way does not limit the resort to raise prices. But the non-payment of contributions entails severe rigid administrative measures, as a rule it is cancellation of certificate without possibility to return money for it. Given the considerable initial cost of the certificate, this policy often smacks of blackmail. Such a model, will agree, poorly fit into our minds: why to pay for something if I did not use it and if in addition it is already belongs to me? And as it possible to take away from me what I already bought for big money?

This economic puzzle we decided in favor the owners of the certificates: in the system Multiclub management fees are paid exclusively in that year during which you are going to rest on its certificate. If in some year, you never have to rest, you are completely exempt from any payment to the certificate until the following year. The size of the management fee in the Multiclub is about 500 euros for four people, that is 125 euros per person or 17.8 euros per day, it’s about five times lower than the daily room rate at the hotel. Thus, Multiclub guarantee to you safety for your property which you paid by purchasing a certificate.
So, Multiclub created the perfect formula for rest: permanent membership on the privileged resort with possibility of rapid exchange + absence of unnecessary payments + perfect service befor, during and after the trip. Is this not a reason to see finally the whole world?

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