TIER 1 Post Study work

TIER 1 Post Study work

This would the sub- category of TIER 1 where the students who have done either a diploma or a Bachelors degree or Masters degree or PHD from a recognized or listed body in the UK, would be able to switch to a two – year post study visa.

Those who are currently on IGS having obtained their leave to remain for one year would be allowed to obtain further leave to remain for another year in line with the new Post Study work visa. Their applications would be dealt under the Transitional measures that would be put in place once the complete TIER 1 would be introduced.

The time scale for introducing Post study work visa is in July 2008.

A similar framework of points would be introduced as it is available for TIER 1 (General) category. The students would be required to claim 75 points under the attributes, 10 points under English language and 10 points for their maintenance.

The distribution of points would be as under:

Attributes (from 01.04.2009)

1. Having successfully completed one of the following: 20 Points

  • A UK recognized degree at Bachelors level; or
  • A UK recognized degree at post graduate level; or
  • A UK post graduate certificate in education (PGCE); or
  • An HND from a Scottish Institution

2. Having completed one of the above mentioned courses / degree at a UK institution that is either a recognized or listed body – 20 points.

3. Having obtained the above mentioned qualification whilst in the UK with a valid student leave or as a dependant of someone with valid leave in an immigration category permitting the bringing in of dependants – 20 points.

4. Having made the application within 12 months of obtaining the eligible qualification – 15 points.

English language

All applicants who successfully claims 75 points as indicated above, would be deemed to have sufficient level of English thus would be given points under this section.


If a persons would like to switch to post study work category while remaining int eh UK, he would be expected to have at least £800 for his maintenance and £533 for each dependant in the last three months` bank statements at all time.

If a person is seeking entry clearance the amount required for maintenance would be £2800 for the main applicant and 2/3 of this amount for first dependant and further 1/3 of the amount for other dependants – 10 points.

Successful applicants would be free to seek employment or engage in self employment activities without having a sponsor. But unlike the other highly skilled sub-categories, it is there only to provide a bridge to highly skilled or skilled work. People with post study work leave will be expected to switch into another part of the points system as soon they are able to do so.

It would not be possible to extend the visa for more than a total of 2 years, and the time period spent in this category would not be counted towards the threshold for being eligible to apply settlement. However, Post study workers can still return to their student visas, if they wish to continue their studies in the UK.

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