Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence

Following table gives full information on the required duration of stay for a particular immigration category, different leaves that can be combined to make the required period of time and whether or not life in the UK test is necessary for the applicants or not.  

Sr. No.Immigration CategoryRequired period of stay in the UKLeaves that can be combined to make the required period of timeLife in the UK Test
1 Work Permit Holder5 years HSMP, Writer, Composer, Artist and Self Employed lawyer Yes
2 Highly Skilled Migrant5 years Work Permit and Innovator Yes
3 Tier 1 (General)5 years HSMP, Work Permit, Innovator, Self employed lawyer, Writer, Composer & Artist Yes
4 Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)5 years Business Person & Innovator Yes
5 Tier 1 (Investor)5 years Investor Yes
6 Tier 25 years Member of Operational ground staff of overseas owned Airlines, Minister of Religion, Work permit, Representative of Overseas Newspaper etc., Tier 1 (except Tier 1 PSW) & Tier 2 Yes
7 Self Employed Lawyer5 years None Yes
8 Innovator5 years None Yes
9 Business Person5 years None Yes
10 Investor5 years None 
11 Writer5 years None Yes
12 Composer5 years None Yes
13 Artist5 years None Yes
14 Ancestry Visa5 years None Yes
15 Representatives of Overseas newspapers, News Agencies etc.5 years None Yes
16 Sole Representatives5 years None Yes
17 Oversees Govt. Employees5 years None Yes
18 Domestic workers5 years None Yes
19 Private servants in Diplomatic households5 years None Yes
20 Minister of Religion5 years None Yes
21 Airport based operation ground staff  of overseas owned Airlines5 years None Yes
22 Retired Person of Independent means5 years None No
23 Long Residence – legal10 years All visas as far as the leave of the person remains continuous. Yes
24 Long Residence – Illegal14 years Not Applicable Yes
25 Gurkhas discharged from HM Forces4 years None Yes
26 Foreign / Commonwealth citizen discharged from HM Forces4 years None Yes
27 Refugee5 years None Yes
28 Discretionary Leave to remain6 years None Yes
29 Humanitarian Protection3 years None Yes
30 Spouses of persons present and settled in the UK2 years None Yes
31 Unmarried partners of persons present and settled in the UK2 years None Yes
32 Victim of Domestic Violence (Spouses / Unmarried partners of settled persons only)No time mentioned Not Applicable No
33 Bereaved Partners (Spouses / unmarried partners of settled persons only)No time mentioned Not Applicable No
34 Persons having right of access to their child1 years None Yes
35 Elderly DependantsNot Applicable Not Applicable No

There is a different set of requirements for each of the above-listed immigration category, to fulfil and one has to be very careful while making their applications. We offer quality services to our clients in advising them on the documents required, on the law, procedure and merits of their applications. We have an excellent success rate and have got extensive experience of dealing in complicated immigration matters of our client. Please book a consultation with us for the full assessment of the merits and the probabilities of success of your applications.

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