British cruise company P & O Cruises ships crew salaries tied to the quality of customer service

The company P & O Cruises has changed the principle of payment of the State of cruise liners. Staff will receive additional cash bonuses, as well as retain the right to a tip, if you pick up enough positive feedback from passengers during the voyage and execute a sales plan. Otherwise, employees will be satisfied with a low base salary.

Guide cruise company called the move a way to make cruise ship staff more responsive to the needs of travelers. High quality service will make passenger services to recommend us to friends and acquaintances that will allow the company P & O Cruises to improve their financial condition.

An expert in the field of tourism, David Dingle said the new approach of the company P & O Cruises to pay employees is a win-win for both parties (company, staff and passengers of cruise ships). Professional crew members will be able to earn more, even in times of economic downturn as holidaymakers will increasingly turn to them, leave tips and good advice.

Members of the crew, including flight attendants and waiters will retain the right to tip only if they will meet targets for sales. Another prerequisite for saving tip is positive feedback from guests.

According to David Dingle, most of the younger members of the crews of British cruise ship is coming from Eastern Europe, India, the Philippines and other developing countries. The base salary of a member of the team is high by the standards of the countries from which they come. Staff will be able to make liners tips and bonuses, if it do its work properly.

According to experts, cruise lines can use alternate methods of motivation to improve the quality of customer service. Cruise companies can take over processing of permits to work in the UK for their foreign employees. This privilege should apply only to those employees that have worked well previously.

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