A variety of the countries, resorts, considerable quantity of every possible certificates, declarations, charters, resolutions, and also divergence of legislations of the different countries, considerably complicate process of a turn of documents between members of clubs, resorts, трастовых the companies. Main and an acute problem for today the question on cession of rights of the certificate the Timeshare on the third parties is. It is connected with every possible authorised qualifying parametres of resorts. Requirements to age, presence of official marriage and many other things. Therefore the main problem in a fulfilment of cession of rights plays a large quantity of coordination and the qualifying commissions. If there is a speech about inheritance registration where time not a determinative it is a problem not so it is brightly expressed. But if it is a question of a gift or certificate sale, very often the main role is played by convenience of transfer of the certificate. And in a case if the certificate is urgent, to transfer the rights to it not probably. There is no documentary legal base. XANTO TRADING LLP enters into system «WORLD SYSTEM TRANSFER TIMESHARE CERTIFICATE». Overrating certificate, declared XANTO TRADING LLP, it is certificated in 20 countries of the world, and it is supported by 1563 resorts. Modular transfer XANTO TRADING LLP Overrating certificate allows to remove terms of restriction by using of urgent certificates that gives the chance to use membership even if has taken place term of its action. The main advantage Overrating certificate that it completely will replace the certificate 47, Instructions № 94/47/ЕС. The Date of performance of a transfer of 10 days. Reception rules: 1. It is required to fill FORM No 1. 2. To unpack the open contract – the offer, and invoice. 3. On invoice it is necessary to pay gathering it agree the tariff. 4. The fact of the acceptance of the offer fee it will be agree invoice. 5. Within forty days from the moment of payment on the address specified FORM No 1 it will be sent Overrating certificate. According to regulations it is necessary to fill the transfer data, to sign to the owner of the certificate and one witness. 6. Overrating certificate it is necessary to send to the address: XANTO TRADING LLP, 235 Old Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5QT, United Kingdom

the Tariff of gathering:
the Transfer of three intervals 1656 €

the Transfer of one interval 552 €

the Transfer of termless membership 2013 €

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