Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has promised billions of dollars in investments in infrastructure projects

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne in charge of the government’s economic policy David Cameron has promised to provide soft loans to companies that take it upon myself to begin construction of infrastructure facilities. Mr. Osborne said that his initiative to attract private investment of up to 40 billion pounds in transport and energy sector of Great Britain.

An attempt to stimulate the infrastructure construction was a response to a member of the Conservative Party, George Osborne on charges of public organizations, political parties, individuals and international experts in the inactivity of the government against the backdrop of economic crisis. Mr. Osborne has repeatedly heard in the address criticisms related to the lack of activity in the establishment of new jobs and stimulate economic growth.

The program cuts in social spending and austerity policies – that’s the main weapon against the government of David Cameron’s economic downturn in the UK. The authorities have repeatedly stated that the situation in the British economy did not improve as long as Europe does not cope with debt problems. However, members of the Conservative Party underestimate the role of the situation on the domestic markets of the UK, linking with the hope for the resumption of demand for British goods in Europe.

Inefficiency savings programs to combat the crisis was confirmed earlier this year, when the situation in most European countries has deteriorated dramatically. So today, European governments need to move from cost reduction measures to stimulate economic growth. The population of European countries have already generates a request for such a policy, as evidenced by the defeat of the conservative Nicolas Sarkozy and the advent of the socialist Francois Hollande in France.

George Osborne initiative could help the British economy out of recession, under certain conditions. Attracting foreign investors to build the infrastructure of Great Britain is the chief of them. The issue is that public and private corporations throughout the world are experiencing difficulties today in varying degrees. So who wants to invest in the UK transport industry, Mr. Osborne? 

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